"I’m not thinking about the day when I’ll see you again, any more than I ever evoke our past — I too am blocked against all memory. But I don’t need to see you — I’m not separated from you, I’m still in the same world as you. You should know that I’m calm, involved, not at all unhappy — I have no regret, no desire, no hope for anything. I’m easy in my mind about you, and this ease of mind comes from the absolute certainty I now have that, if the worst were to happen to you, I should no longer live either […]"

Simone de Beauvoir, from Letters To Sartre (via versteur)

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"You’re gone and I miss you."

"Two types of people who can’t look at you in the eyes:
Someone trying to hide a lie,
And somone trying to hide a love."


You don’t need to buy me expensive things or take me out to dinner every night or even every weekend. I don’t need the world or want the world. I want the little things. If you push my hair out of face or rub my back. Or if you randomly kiss my cheek. Or text me randomly saying you miss me. Or if you make a tweet about me or post a picture of us. Then that’s all I care about. I want the little things. I care way more about that, than anything else.

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